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Our Mission

The decline of mental health is largely due to the loss of communication between brain cells. Scribble focuses on art making and journaling to stimulate parts of the brain and form new connections between cells. Each activity is designed to help the brain discover shiny new insights that can smooth the path of your mental health journey. Through this process, people have the ability to improve their self esteem, experience more positive thinking, de-stress, and enhance their overall mental health.

Our Story

College was an extremely stressful time for Stephanie as she was constantly searching for healthy outlets to release the stress of classes, organizations and work. She began to journal in the mornings to kickstart her day and doodle in the evenings as a way to unwind. As her last year of college at the Ohio State University approached, she began to think of topics for her visual communication design senior thesis and decided to look into the world of art therapy. Stephanie filtered through psychology websites and case studies, sent out surveys to learn how people participate in art making and journaling, conducted focus groups and interviewed art therapists. After weeks of research, Scribble was born. 

Initially designed as an app for her thesis, people would approach her and ask when she would make Scribble a reality. Stephanie realized the demand and interest for Scribble and decided to put Scribble’s activities into the world in card form. It took about 7 months to come up with activities, illustrate all of the cards, find a good quality printer, conduct user testing, design a website, begin advertising on social media, and, finally, launch her Etsy shop. A couple of months after success on Etsy, the online retailer, Uncommon Goods, expressed interest in selling Scribble on their online shop. Scribble cards are now thriving on Etsy and Uncommon Goods, so Stephanie and her 
fiancé, Greg, are working on the next chapter of Scribble - an app (coming soon!)


"I have been using these cards with my therapy clients and they love them! Such a great way to promote creativity and self-reflection!"
"The cards are high quality and the prompts themselves are a great way to practice thoughtfulness and self-care through writing and art."
"Bought these to use with the Mindfulness Club at my high school and they provide interesting and fun prompts for the students. These are a beloved activity to identify and process various emotions and responses to their emotions."
"Scribble cards are just FLAWLESS down to the very last detail. From the designs, to the categories, to the addition of journaling for each exercise… Simply brilliant!"

About the founder

Meet Stephanie, an alumnus from The Ohio State University's visual communication design program, a full-time UX/UI designer, and the creator of Scribble. On a more personal note, she has a geeky love for architecture, baking, and dogs. Stephanie became a designer to use her creative brain to solve problems that exist in communities and the world. Through her design program, summer internships, and full-time creative jobs, her knowledge of design and devotion to creativity has broadened. She now looks for opportunities that will not only expand on her own experience but will make an impact. She believes Scribble is one of those opportunities. Stephanie sees Scribble impacting communities by helping people become more in tune with their own emotions and therefore having more empathy for others.


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