1. Choose an emotion

There are 6 emotions to choose from: anxiety, any emotion, confidence, focus, gratitude, and happiness. Each Scribble card has a coordinating color and icon to identify what emotion the activity targets.

2. Pick a card

Read the front of the cards and decide which activity sounds the most beneficial for your current state of mind.

3. Create

The back of your chosen card will guide you through 2-3 art making steps to activate your mind and body.

4. Journal

Scribble guides you through 2-3 journaling questions to help you process what you created and think about your emotions at a deeper level.

Who can benefit from Scribble?

Art therapists
Guidance counselors


"The possibilities to explore mental health issues are endless. These little gems can be used for individual or group sessions, as ice breakers or to increase greater exploration into various issue's."

"The deck has helped me form a habit of taking time for myself at the end of the day to relax and be alone with thoughts/feelings. It’s super rewarding to have these close by as a guide and easy focus points."