Illustration of an emotions color wheel
How are you feeling today?
Based on your emotion, choose the activity that sounds the most beneficial for your current state of mind.
Illustration of paintbrushes in a bucket
Unleash your creative side
Grab your favorite drawing tools and let Scribble guide you through step-by-step drawing prompts to activate your mind and body.
Illustration of pencil drawing on a blank pad of paper
Where art and mind meet
Scribble’s journaling prompts will help with processing what you created and think about your emotions at a deeper level.
Scribble Cards
The Scribble card deck is a great addition to a therapists toolkit and classroom settings. Therapists have used Scribble with individual clients, in group sessions and as ice breakers in order to explore various thoughts and emotions. In a classroom, teachers can pass out Scribble cards to students and encourage a moment of self reflection. 

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Scribble Journey App
The Scribble Journey App was created for individuals looking for a new way to explore their mental health journey. With the easy-access digital activities, individuals are encouraged to use Scribble as part of their daily or weekly self-care routine. 

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How Scribble Journey Works

Filter by the emotion you want to focus on and choose an activity.
Gather your drawing tools, take a deep breath and start creating.
Follow the step-by-step drawing instructions.
Follow the guided journaling prompts to reflect on what you drew and the emotions it evoked.
Take a photo of your drawing to store it together with your journals.
View, edit and reflect on your past entries.
How the Scribble Cards Work

The process is simple. Choose an emotion to focus on (anxiety, any emotion, confidence, focus, gratitude, happiness), and pick the activity that sounds the most beneficial for your current state of mind. Then, let Scribble lead you through a series of activities involving drawing and journaling in your own personal notebook. Each of the 19 activities are designed to help your brain discover shiny, new insights that can smooth the path of your mental health journey.

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"The possibilities to explore mental health issues are endless. These little gems can be used for individual or group sessions, as ice breakers or to increase greater exploration into various issue's."

"The deck has helped me form a habit of taking time for myself at the end of the day to relax and be alone with thoughts/feelings. It’s super rewarding to have these close by as a guide and easy focus points."