Scribble Journey

The same benefits as the original cards, now digital! Scribble Journey gives you the ability to find activities by intention, draw and journal in-app, and add additional photos to your entry. Come back often to see brand new therapeutic activities and features. Download the Scribble Journey app and get started on your mental health journey.

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Three Scribble cards displayed to show examples of art therapy activities


Scribble Cards

Scribble cards provide a series of activities that get you involved in art making and journaling prompts for your mental health. The process is simple. Choose an emotion to focus on, then let Scribble lead you through an activity involving creativity and journaling.

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Illustration of blue colored pencil
Through creating and journaling, you will have the ability to express emotions without saying a word. Now that's how to process emotions!
Illustration of girl with purple hair
Creating art trains you to concentrate on details and pay more attention to things happening around you. Find the benefits of art therapy from your own home!
Illustration of tree
Art making is proven to increase psychological and emotional resilience along with resistance to stress. Talk about a self care activity!


"Just WOW! I’ve been on a journey of self care and these exercises are the best form of creative, art therapy you could give yourself. I’ve painted for years but never like this. I’m just still in awe."
"I started using it in counseling sessions when I’m seeing kids/teens who have an easier time expressing themselves through art than words. One of my clients especially loved learning to make Zentangles and reported she has been using them often to manage her anxiety!"

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